Our story


In the late 1890’s, when Edmonton had a population of about 2,000 and was still a part of the Northwest Territories, a pastor from Rabbit Hill began to walk the 30 kilometres to Edmonton each week after church. He had a heart to meet, welcome and care for new, young German immigrants. He eventually began leading worship services with his gathered group of new friends, and, in 1900, Central was officially organized. One of the members of the recognition council was Attorney A.C. Rutherford who would go on to become Alberta’s first premier and establish the University of Alberta.

Through the last century the Central family has continued to thrive and has launched over a dozen new churches in the Edmonton area, most recently the Southeast site near Summerside. This location began after a significant season of growth with a desire to continue to reach more people with the good news of Jesus and welcome more people into the family of Central.

Although our church has become larger and more diverse in recent years, our core conviction remains the same: We believe Jesus can be most faithfully followed when we follow together. Our desire is that, as we share our lives, God by his grace would continue to grow us up every day in our love for him and other people. We want to be those who follow Jesus together, growing in worship, deepening in community, and moving on mission.