Serve one another



One of the best ways to deepen your connection with Central is to help out on one of our serve teams. There are many different ways to be involved that match with your gifts and passions…

…kids, youth, welcome teams, hospitality, coffee/cookies, worship, creativity, GROUPS leadership, conversation cafe, prayer, teaching, visiting shut-ins, financial generosity, mentoring, helps, practical care and more…

To learn more or join a serve team, click the button below.


As a church, we want to make a positive difference in the city around us by paying attention and getting involved.

“PLACES” means paying attention to where we live, work, go to school, hang out, and play.

“PARTNERSHIPS” means serving alongside organizations who are doing great things in our city.

“PASSIONS” means paying attention to those things that God has put on our hearts, lending a hand, and inviting others to join us.

For more information on the organizations we partner with, or for guidance as you explore your places and passions, please email Cory.



So many people serve individually or in smaller groups throughout the year, but we pick one day each year to come together as a whole church to help several of our valued ministry partners in a variety of tangible, significant ways. Our goal for this day is to get people of all ages working together for the good of our city. Email Cory to learn more.